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Saturday, June 24, 2006

¡Vamos Argentina!

Remember that silly game called baseball that Americans seem to love so much? It is a sport followed by few (worldwide, anyway) and it divides a nation in as much as teams are supported by city, or at best a region. Remember the Red Sox winning the World Series? I´m not saying that is no big deal. But just hold in your mind how big a deal that was, and then pretend we´re talking about a sport that the rest of the world is fanatical about, and further pretend we are united as a nation-team, and imagine our national team is playing in the one-every-four-years Grandmama of all Superbowls. We´ll call this fútbol and we´ll call it the World Cup. Got the picture? Oh, I forgot to add just one little itty-bitty piece to this. You see, now that you have the backdrop, imagine your team has just beat Mexico in a tooth-to-tooth high-intensity overtime game. Everyone in the bar is on their feet, chanting national sport fight songs and cheering, waving blue-and-white flags, clapping, yelling. The bar empties as hundreds of absolutely thrilled fans (which is everyone, by the way) spill into the streets, the crowd grows, music blares, cars waving flags crawl through the masses, blaring horns and flashing lights. Cheering and waving and mosh-pit jumping appears as a pulsing wave of light blue and white excitement. Welcome to Argentina.


Anonymous Anu Shah said...

Dear Meera:
Pardon my late reading and late reply/comment.Now that Dad has put your blog on my bookmarks, I'll enjoy reading and replying.
Guess what? We were at a lunch get together today and watched the world cup. I can visualise the excitement that you witneseed.
We are very proud and happy that you have udertaken this learning adventure and hope that you keep having good memorable time.I'll read backward and reply when I get a chance.
Lots of love

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Kristin R said...

Wow - the only equivalent is the streets of Boston filling up after the Sox won the World Series... or when the Pats won the Super Bowl the first time in 2002. But then again, it doesn't sound like you felt threatened as many did in Boston. Hm. Must be nice to feel a part of an entire country unified in the same excitement!!!

My first "comment" ... I'm still making my way through all your blogs.

10:11 AM  

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