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Thursday, June 29, 2006

All´s well

There comes a time in one´s travelling when it is enough to simply be in a place. To simply be an intake valve and nothing more. That time has come for now. I am taking in Buenos Aires, from La Boca to Puerto Madero to Retiro to Recoleta. I am writing my own notes but do not have it in me to publish. For those readers interested in my these-days adventures, I apologize. For those readers simply checking to make sure I´m okay (mom!), then know I am.
Tonight I take a bus to Mendoza. All´s well. Perhaps I shall feel like writing more later.


Anonymous Anu Shah said...

Yes Meera, It's great to read your notes which are not only interesting and informative, but also they are great knowing you are well and enjoying the trip.
Best Wishes

1:38 PM  
Anonymous KR said...

Ah, my friend... I have finally made it through all the blog entries thus far! I promise to try and keep up. Safe travels & I hope to read a bit more detail next time you decide to update us!!

Oh yeah - I appreciate the English translations - no clue about Spanish phrases whatsoever :)

10:19 AM  

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