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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Leaky faucet...

This is, in the words of a travel guide writer, is what Niagara Falls appears to be when compared with the likes of the Cataratas de Iguazú. He may be right. Last night I had the most sublime experience of seeing the falls under the glow of a full moon. The experience was divine, but it is all mine, for me, and I won´t write about it here.
Another guidebook author quipped that El Parque Nacional de Iguazú might better be called the Iguazú theme park, and nothing could be truer. I went today by daylight, and this time the experience was much closer to the groomed and packaged experience of Disneyland than that of a rugged national park. "Trails" were constructed walkways with handrails, "Park rangers" were staff with blue-and-green t-shirts, souvenier shops replaced ranger stations. Even the "Nautical Adventure" (a maid-of-the-mist-style boat right on a speed boat) had long lines and the feel of a theme part ride. And the tourists came in absolute DROVES. I was overwhelmed.
Still, there was no detracting from the splendor of the waterfalls (stunning, varied, expansive, impressive, gorgeous) and their backdrop (cliffs, sky, rivers, trees, wild fauna). I was one of those camera-toting tourists, and I´m sure I´ve taken enough pictures to bore even the most tolerant of you who wishes to see them. But even if you could enlarge them two-hundred-fold and add a filharmonic score from Mozart, you still wouldn´t be able to get the idea anyway. It´s not your fault. It simply can´t be done. But when I tell you about it, you´ll see that look in my eye, the same look I´ll have when I talk about Perito Moreno or Semuc Champey or Siete Altares or sunrise at Mount Haleakala or midnight ascent of Santa Maria (okay so all but one of those weren´t in Argentina, but I´m saying that this is up there), and you´ll know.
As my parents have noted, there is a bit of a gap in the blog, due in part to lack of things to say, a lack of will to write, and the fact that I spent many hours on busses to get here (which, thank goodness, were more comfortable that the recent horror from Córdoba to Rosario). I´ve decided to cut my stay in Iguazú a bit early, and moved my flight to Bs. As. from Friday to tomorrow. Seems to me, if I´m going to tool around a city for an extra day, I´d rather it be Buenos Aires than the small, red-dirt (but charming overall) town of Puerto Iguazú. Plus, I´ve had a hankering for Armenian food ever since Emily and Sarah left.


Blogger Jay and Anu Shah said...

Absoluetly amazing! Though you can not describe the site and the experience in words; we could visualize it. We envy you for such an experiece.

Your addition of pictures to this and past postings is very helpful.

If you take the pictures of the falls (or any scenes) as an overlapping series of shots then you can use a free software to create a panaromic view photo w/o having a panaromic camera.

You can get this Autostitch software from:

See some sample panaromic views done with Autostitch at:
and at
and at

1:33 PM  
Anonymous sbarensfeld said...

Hello Meera, mi amiga hispanohablante!

I'm just getting caught up with your latest entries. It sounds like you've had an incredible variety of experiences since I last checked in. "Wow-wee" pretty much sums it up!!! I'm also relieved that you've got Claudia of Córdoba Backpackers on your side -- the absolute secret weapon.

I'm fresh from a few days in Wellfleet on the Cape, an awesome time at the Dave Matthews concert at Fenway this past weekend, and a day-long outing to Appledore Island (about 10 mi off coast of New Hampshire, near Portsmouth) to visit a 19th century garden planted by a woman named Celia Thaxter (you might know Appledore and the garden from Childe Hassam's paintings). Headed to Acadia for a few days and then to see the folks. I'm really having trouble believing that it's already 7/13! Egads.

I'm sending you loads of good wishes as you continue on your adventures. Hope the Armenian food in Buenos Aires is as tasty as the first time!

I can't wait to see los fotos!!

Hasta luego,

7:17 PM  

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