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Sunday, July 09, 2006

We like the cars that go boom.

Today was sunny and festive and rather enjoyable. Being Sunday and Independence Day and good weather, people were out and about and there was much going on. My impression of Rosario has improved. I began the day by attending another free guitar concert (though on a much smaller scale) in the municipal building and then walked along the waterfront. Ferías, or sidewalk artisan markets, were up and in full Sunday swing. Families flew kites. Couples smooched. Vendors yelled their food items for sale and performers drew crowds. And everyone (by "everyone," I mean EV-ER-Y-ONE) was drinking mate. Every cluster of people sitting and chatting, or walking along, or manning a fería booth was centered around a mate cup and a thermos of hot water. I´ve never seen anything like it. To give you a sense, more people drink mate and drink it often than the number and frequency of cigarette smoking. This is a big deal.
I also walked many, many blocks to visit Parque Independencia. In so doing, I discovered the bustling Avenida Pellegrini and broad, spacious, tree-lined Bv. Otoño. These two streets made me feel better about Rosario. Anyway, the park was absolutely alive with people and activity. A car show was happening as part of the Independence Day celebrations and all sorts of entertaining vehicles were lined up for display along the curving roads within the park...ranging from antiques like the Ford Model "A" to classic cars like the original Mustang to new, flashy numbers that had been souped up with lights and all manner of sound systems. And there were SO MANY entertaining cars to look at. I had much fun, despite the fact that I really have little interest in or knowledge about cars in general. I also stumbled upon a sort of amusement park for children and could not help but smile at the sight of all those niños having a ball on the bumper cars and teacups. I bought a bag of sugary popcorn and just strolled through it all. The park is large, with a stadium, rec areas, green space, a children´s museum, and a lake (with paddleboats and fountains). As a result of all this strolling, I missed the World Cup final. The story on CNN makes it seem like it was a great game. Boo for me.
This evening I tried to visit the planetarium/observatory, but somehow ended up in a sort of science museum. I enjoyed this, but even though I have a decent grasp of Spanish and science, the combination of trying to do both at the same time eventually did me in.
Truth be told, I´m getting a little homesick and am looking forward to the 17th. The way to counter this is to move on to the next place, and for this I´ll be glad to hit the road for Posadas tomorrow.


Anonymous KR said...

Hello my friend! It's hard to believe that you have time to be homesick with all the new adventures happening around you... but you're right. Move on to the next place, the next new adventure, and you will have no time to think about the oh-so-exciting land of Wellesley!! Just so you enjoy your last few times there - you've been missing 1) the 8:30am pilgramage to Tenacre day camp causing all sorts of traffic problems (not the least of which is trying to get out of your parking spot), 2) the 3:30 pilgramage (see above), 3) the brand new speed bumps in the Maple Manor parking lot!! I tell you, you're missing out ;-) haha.

Enjoy your next destination!!

9:20 AM  
Blogger Jay and Anu Shah said...

Dark night is followed by a bright and sunny day. So yesterday's Rosario experience was rewarded with a glorious one today!

I can visualize (and shudder) the nightmare of your bus trip and having no (then - oh yes, we do have one) reservation!

This mate thing seems interesting. Wiki says that you can get it like a tea bag in Argentina. Bring few samples if you can!


Mom & Dad

12:02 AM  

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