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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I once caught an avocado THIS BIG!

I am safely in Córdoba, wrestling mightily with this fickle and counter-willed keyboard. That, plus the fact that I really have nothing to say, will limit the length of this particular entry. Last night I took a bus from Mendoza to Córdoba. On several occassions (read: once every 45 minutes in the 10-hr ride) I awoke to wonder if I had missed my stop. But all roads lead to Córdoba (it is a bit of an overland hub) and I made it okay. Having to use the bathroom in a most urgent way, I managed to sweat my way into town and find a hostel. Deprived of rest last night, I took it upon myself to nap for one hour, awake around 10 to a raging hunger, visit a café for a spot of breakfast (café con leche, medialunas, criollo, jugo, soda), and return to my bed to sleep until 3pm. Since then, I´ve wander the city a small bit, and, deciding to "eat in," I went to the mercado central to buy some produce. I found a GRANDE avocado--so large, really, that I wasn´t sure it even was an avocado--the size of a very intelligent person´s brain. I supplemented this with some lime and salt and smeared it on some bread. It reminds me of a super-sized version of a standard lunch for Olivia and me in Guatemala. I also investigating the option of flying from Puerto Iguazú to Buenos Aires (so even if I take the 24-hour bus ride there, I will be spared that excitement on my return). It will cost a lot more than a bus, but it may be worth it. Loyal readers will remember Chris from Austin, whom I met my first night in Bs As. He is doing an internship here in Córdoba and I´m going to meet up with him tonight. Tomorrow I *may* foray into Argentine nightlife with Lacy from California and her Argentine friends. I would like to go, but knowing me I´d prefer to be reading a book in bed that staying out late with drunk people. I guess this is true in any country.


Anonymous KR said...

I swear we're living parallel lives!! First we're both looking at mountains (me, VT, you, Argentina) and now we're both eating avocados!! Granted mine was not quite the size of a human brain (unless it was a VERY dumb person's brain), but it was an avacodo nonetheless! Hehe :)

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